Instructions for attaching the stickers:

Instructions on how to affix your dearly bought and lovingly created sticker to the desired surface, and safely and professionally at that - read here or download here in pdf format.


The surface needs to be clean, dry, and smooth. Favourite locations are the tail end of a car, the driver's door or a car window. Mind the wipers - but many stickers will stick eternally anyway. Things look more dynamic if you attach the animal looking in the direction of travel.

Now for the affixing process proper. You will need some patience and a steady hand. Just as when dealing with any other animal...

1. Place the Unique Sticker in front of you, with the writing backwards to forwards (mirror writing). Peel off the transparent foil. The sticky opaque side of the carrier foil is now up, facing you, just as the (usually checkered) carrier foil covering the backsides of the letters.

2. Carefully peel off the (usually checkered) carrier foil from the backside of the sticker, letter by letter. Your surroundings should be dust-free while you do that! All the sticky surfaces should now be up, facing you.

3. Turn the sticker around, sticky side facing the surface of the object to which you want to attach the sticker. Still without touching that surface, position the sticker. Now carefully affix one side of the sticker to the surface, then roll the sticker along with its carrier foil still attached.

4. Press the sticker to the surface with long, sliding movements, using the rubber side of your car's ice scraper or the heel of your hand. Do not rub! Now peel off the carrier foil.
Any small bubbles remaining in the surface of the sticker will usually flatten out by themselves.

If the sticker is rather large, cover the surface to which you want to attach the sticker with a thin film of a mixture of dish detergent and water. When you press the sticker to the surface using some kind of spatula (the ice scraper), the sliding movement of the spatula will press the water along under the sticker, preventing bubble formation. A trick I got told by a pro...

The stickers are made of a kind of foil normally used for car designs, so they are designed to withstand rain - if attached to a really smooth surface.

Please mail me a photo of your sticker attached to the surface of your choice. I appreciate having reference photos for my homepage!

Thank you!