To make a personalised offer to you, I need to know the following about the subject to be depicted:

  • first of all, the name, of course
  • the breed
  • description of conformation
  • main areas of use, e.g. recreation, dressage, show jumping, endurance, carriage driving etc.
  • special talents such as medium trot, piaffe, rearing, bucking...
  • a photo of the moving horse in side-view or a close-up of his profile is helpful for rendering the outline as exact as possible, but the information listed above is more important.
If you want to order, please fill out the following form and send it to me via email.
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Information on the subject to be depicted:
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Description of outer appearance:
Main areas of use:
Special talents:
Choose article and method of payment:
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I agree to pay, postage and packing included, by:
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Advance payment:   strictly net, immediately after receipt of invoice
Invoice to be sent by:   paper mail
  email (as given above)
You will find a copy of this form in the "objects sent" file of your email programme, or print this page using the print options of your browser.

Thank you very much for your order.

Keep in mind when ordering online:
With a browser with no email module - such browsers start a non-browser email programme from the user's computer - communication between browser and email programme may be faulty. In that case, the data for the ordering form may be passed on fragmentary or not at all - whatever the case, it is possible the data can't be used by the email programme. With many users, the problem occurs in the form of the email programme opening an empty email window instead of using the data (the form to be filled) passed on by the browser. If you encounter this or similar problems, please use your own email programme DIRECTLY, entering the data by hand and sending the email to me as you usually would..

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.