Dear guest,

welcome on my pages!

I want you to enjoy the pictures.
But please keep in mind: the common requirements of fairness and respect are valid even here, or maybe particularly here. You are welcome to look and view - but fair play dictates that you don't take anything.
The contents of these pages came into existence because I invested thousands of hours of sometimes exhausting work, of drawing and writing, of designing, finishing and re-designing.

It's a sorry thing, but it became definitely necessary for me to publish this guideline here:

For any and every content of these pages, with the exception of some specially marked contents, any and all copyrights are mine. Without my specific assent in writing, any publication, commercial use, utilisation and/or alteration of pictures or drawings, whole or in parts, is excessively prohibited, as is publication or utilisation on web sites or in collections.

I reserve my right to take legal action as may be necessary.

This said and meant, I hope you will enjoy browsing through all these examples of my work.

Ate Falkner