For photographs, please note:

A good photo makes it much easier to render the outline of your four-legged friend as exact as possible. The important thing is for the photo to show the animal in side view. The profile of the head, ear carriage, tail carriage, and placement of hooves or paws should be easily recognisable.

For making a photo of a horse, squat; for photographing a dog, you may even have to lie down prone.

With animals of defined breeds, I can use standard patterns if necessary. A drawing from YOUR photo is, of course, much more individual - which is why it's best to have the photo show the pose you would like to have depicted!
Short names are well suited for portraits. Long names can, if the letters lend themselves to it, be used to express the typical movements of your animal.

I look forward to you mailing me a photo, or consult with me for personal advice.